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History of the Ancient Lydians

       I.            Early history

a.       Lydians originally from Europe

b.      Small states throughout Asia Minor following fall of the Hittites

c.       10th century BCE – dominated western Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey)


     History of the Ancient Lydians - Free printable outline for high school World History and Global Studies.II.            Lydian civilization

a.       400 years of prosperity

b.      Mineral wealth

                                                               i.      Especially gold and electrum

1.       Electrum – mixture of gold and silver found in riverbeds

c.       Controlled Asia Minor’s trade routes

d.      Conquered by Persians (547 BCE)


  III.            Lydians coined money

a.       Before the Lydians, goods had to be traded for other goods

                                                               i.      Only thing close to money were lumps of gold and silver, which had to be repeatedly weighed and tested for purity

b.      Lydians made standard-sized pieces of gold and silver and stamped them with their value

                                                               i.      Invention of money

c.       Use of money spread quickly

                                                               i.      Helped to spread international trade


  IV.            Government

a.       Capital – Sardis – trading center

b.      Ruled by a king

                                                               i.      Most famous was Croesus – “as rich as Croesus”


     V.            Review questions

a.       Where was Lydia located?

b.      What are the Lydians credited with inventing?

c.       What Lydian king is world famous for his wealth?

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