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Barbarian Kingdoms of Europe (526 CE)
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Barbarian Kingdoms of Europe (526 CE)
Map of the Germanic kingdoms and the East Roman empire in 526 C.E./A.D. - The headship of Emperor Theodoric and the East Goths (Ostrogoths) over the West Goths (Visigoths) is indicated by underlining the name of the latter in white. The colorings of the district occupied by the Alamanni are intended to show how checkered their career was. Of this district the area bordered in green corresponds roughly to that of the later duchy of Franconia. Also indicated are the kingdom of the Franks (yellow) and the kingdom of the Vandals (blue). In Britain, notice the pressure of the Angles and Saxons pushing the native Britons westward, into areas now known as Wales and Cornwall. Click here to enlarge this image.
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