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Attila the Hun Biography Workbook
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "A" Names > Attila the Hun (circa 406-453)
Attila the Hun Biography Workbook - Free to print (eight-page PDF) for high school World History and European History students.
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Attila the Hun (circa 406-453 CE) - Learn all about this famous and powerful leader of the ancient barbarian Huns, who devastated Europe, only to be stopped short of destroying Rome by the intercession of Pope Leo I. "Attila the Hun" is eight pages in length and packed with questions and activities alongside its informational text. This item is part of our Biography Workbooks series. Click here to print. The answer key is below.
Answer Key - 1. The Huns were from Asia rather than from Europe; 2. A - Bleda; 3. Aetius; 4. He made it look like he'd killed himself; 5. Answers will vary; 6. Defender of a/the city; 7. Attila was awed by religion in general; 8. Italians from Padua fled there when attacked; 9. He choked to death on his own blood after a night of carousing at his wedding feast; 10. Barbarian groups that had fought alongside the Huns; 11. Answers will vary; 12. D - catastrophe; 13. B - buffooneries; 14. E - countenance; 15. F - demeanor; 16. M - orthodoxy; 17. C - carnage; 18. N - sensibilities; 19. I - inevitable; 20. K - innumerable; 21. O - splendid; 22. H - henceforth; 23. J - infamous; 24. L - irresistible; 25. A - augur; 26. G - harry.
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