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The Barbarian Migrations, also known as the Barbarian Invasions or Barbarian Influx, were a series of large-scale population movements and invasions by various Germanic, Hunnic, and other tribal groups into the Western Roman Empire and neighboring regions during the late antiquity and early medieval period. These migrations, which occurred primarily during the 4th to 6th centuries CE, contributed significantly to the decline and eventual fall of the Western Roman Empire.
Barbarian Migrations Reading with Questions - Free to print (PDF file). Two-sided worksheet for junior and senior high school World History students.
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Click here to print this reading and map worksheet. Answer key: (1) Huns; (2) Visigoths under Alaric; (3) from what is now northern Germany, to Adrianople, then west through what is now France, down through the Iberia, then across the north African coast to Carthage, from where they spread northward to various points along the north and west Mediterranean, including Rome; (4) Angles, Saxons, and Jutes; (5) Germanic chieftain Odoacer deposed the last Roman emperor, Romulus Augustulus, in 476 C.E.; (6) answers will vary.
It is important to note that the term barbarian is a historical designation and does not accurately reflect the complexity and diversity of the various tribal groups involved in these migrations. These migrations were a dynamic and multifaceted historical process that shaped the course of European history during late antiquity and the early Middle Ages.
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