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1. What city served as the capital of the Byzantine Empire?
a. Adrianople
b. Ankara
c. Constantinople
d. Nicodemia

2. Which of the following modern countries was not part of the Byzantine Empire?
a. Bulgaria
b. Egypt
c. France
d. Germany

3. What Eastern Roman emperor assumed the throne in 527 C.E.?
a. Anastasius I
b. Justinian I
c. Romulus Augustus
d. Theodoric the Great

4. A Byzantine-made version of the ancient Roman legal code became known as the __________.
a. Byzantine Constitution
b. Justinian Code
c. Ten Commandments
d. Twelve Tables

5. What group conquered Constantinople in 1453?
a. Bulgarians
b. Greco-Romans
c. Kievan Rus
d. Ottomans
  6. What was the state religion of the Eastern Roman Empire circa 1300?
a. Eastern Orthodoxy
b. Hasidic Judaism
c. Roman Catholicism
d. Shi'ite Islam

7. The city of Constantinople is now called __________.
a. Athens
b. Byzantium
c. Istanbul
d. Sarajevo

8. Which of the following was not a Byzantine invention?
a. cannon
b. flamethrower
c. grenade
d. hand-trebuchet

9. What was the state language of the Eastern Roman Empire after the 7th century?
a. Arabic
b. Greek
c. Latin
d. Russian

10. What renowned church was built by Emperor Justinian in the sixth century?
a. Canterbury Cathedral
b. Hagia Sophia
c. Notre Dame
d. St. Peter's Basilica
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