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Industrial Revolution Study Game Cards
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Industrial Revolution Study Game Cards - Free to print (PDF files).
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There are three sheets of cards (30 cards total) for playing on a review game on the Industrial Revolution. Click to print: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 For our free printable game board with instructions, click here.
Sample Questions:

What canal, linking the Mediterranean and Red seas, opened in 1869?
Suez Canal.

What inventive American developed the use of standardized (interchangeable) parts in production?
Eli Whitney.

What canal, linking the North and Baltic seas, opened in 1896?
Kiel Canal.

What do we call wealth which is ready to be used to create more wealth?

What canal, cut through Central America, opened in 1914?
Panama Canal.

What do we call an organization which is owned by stockholders?

Who first vulcanized rubber in 1839?
Charles Goodyear.

What does AT&T stand for?
American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Who developed the assembly line for mass production?
Henry Ford.

What British political party was organized by unionists, winning seats in Parliament in 1906?
Labour Party.
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