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The Industrial Revolution
This massive PowerPoint presentation contains everything you ever wanted to know about the Industrial Revolution, and then some. You get it all--from the eighteenth-century revolution in textile manufacturing, to the rise of the labor movement and early socialism. Use it all, or pick and choose chunks. Each section comes with review questions.
The Industrial Revolution - PowerPoint Presentation with 115 Slides and Guided Student Notes for High School
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"The Industrial Revolution" PowerPoint Presentation - Total of 115 slides

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Divided into six sections:

1. The First Industrial Revolution - slides 1-45 - 9 review questions

2. The Agricultural Revolution - slides 46-52 - 4 review questions

3. The Second Industrial Revolution - slides 53-58 - 4 review questions

4. The Results of the Industrial Revolution - slides 59-88 - 4 review questions

5. The Labor Movement - slides 89-100 - 5 review questions

6. The Cooperative Movement and Socialism - slides 101-115 - 4 review questions 
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