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Napoleonic Era Printable Pop Quiz
Free Printable Pop Quiz on the Age of Napoleon Bonaparte in World History - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)
Napoleonic Era Printable Pop Quiz

French Revolution Pop Quiz with 13 Multiple-Choice Questions

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Here's a fun (for teachers) way to see if kids are really mastering the material--a pop quiz. This one has seventeen multiple-choice questions on the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, and prints on one sheet of paper (double-sided). Click here to print. Click here to print the answer key.
1. The _____ was discovered during Napoleon Bonaparte's campaign in Egypt (1798-1801). 2. Napoleon spread the ideals of the French Revolution throughout Europe by doing all of the following except what? 3. Britain's _____ defeated French naval forces at the Battle of the Nile (August 1-3, 1798). 4. A _____ occurs when military forces overthrow a government. 5. Which of the following was not part of the Napoleonic Code? 6. Which of the following was not part of Napoleon's international legacy? 7. The Church came under government control with the _____ of 1801. 8. Napoleon replaced the Holy Roman Empire with the _____. 9. Britain's Horatio Nelson was killed at the Battle of _____ (1805). 10.Napoleon's _____ forbade trade between the European continent and Great Britain. 11.British attacks on American ships still trading with France helped spark the _____ in the United States. 12.Which nation was not a member of the Quadruple Alliance? 13.Napoleon was last exiled to _____, where he died in 1821. 14.Between September, 1814, and June, 1815, the nations of Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia met at the _____. 15.The principle of _____ restored the hereditary monarchies in Europe. 16.In the _____, agreed upon at the Congress of Vienna, European leaders would meet to address their concerns. 17.Which is the incorrect pairing of nation and representative to the Congress of Vienna?
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