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Renaissance Writers Crossword Puzzle
"Renaissance Writers" Crossword Puzzle Worksheet for World HIstory - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)
Renaissance Writers Crossword Puzzle 

3. English author of Utopia who was executed under Henry VIII
7. French author of Gargantua
8. Famous English playwright whose works include Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet
10. French poet
11. Portuguese author of The Lusiad
12. French writer who pioneered the essay

1. English writer who penned The Faerie Queen
2. English author of Volpone
4. Italian author of the Divine Comedy
5. Spanish author of Don Quixote
6. Italian writer of The Prince
9. Italian author of The Decameron
Answer Key - Across: 3. More, 7. Rabelais, 8. Shakespeare, 10. Villon, 11. Camoens, 12. Montaigne. Down: 1. Spenser, 2. Jonson, 4. Dante, 5. Cervantes, 6. Machiavelli, 9. Boccaccio. Click here to print.
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