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French House of Valois Outline
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HOUSE OF VALOIS: Philip VI of Valois, the Fortunate (1328-1350), John II the Good (1350-1364), Charles V the Wise (1364-1380), Charles VI the Beloved, the Mad (1380-1422), Charles VII the Victorious, the Well-served (1422-1461), Louis XI the Prudent, the Universal Spider (1461-1483), Charles VIII the Affable (1483-1498); VALOIS-ORLÉANS BRANCH: Louis XII Father of the People (1498-1515); VALOIS-ANGOULÊME BRANCH: Francis I the Father and Restorer of Letters (1515-1547), Henry II (1547-1559), Francis II (1559-1560), Charles IX (1560-1574), Henry III (1574-1589).
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This handout lists all of the French monarchs of the House of Valois, including its branches, from Philip VI to Henry III. There is space for students to jot down notes on each king. Click here to print.
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