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World Religions Question Cards
Study Game Cards for World History Grades 7-12 - Just Scroll Down to Print - World Religions
1. What is the world’s most common religion? Christianity. 2. What leader of the Exodus do Jews believe wrote the Torah (the first five books of the Christian Old Testament)? Moses. 3. What is the oldest surviving religion of Japan? Shintoism. 4. Christianity is based on the teachings of whom? Jesus. 5. What is the most common religion in India? Hinduism. 6. What Saudi Arabian city is considered the holiest place to Muslims? Mecca. 7. What religion follows the teachings of Gautama Buddha? Buddhism. 8. The ancient Jewish Temple was located in what city? Jerusalem. 9. What religion was founded in India by Guru Nanak in the 15th century? Sikhism. 10. A person who believes in the existence of a deity or deities, but without belonging to any particular faith, is known as what? An agnostic.
World Religions Question Cards to Print for Review/Study Game

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Click here to print this sheet of question cards on world religions (PDF file). These cards work well with our free printable game boards. Click here for the game boards and instructions.
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