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Welcome! We hope that you enjoy our many free educational materials for kindergarten through high school. If you have any questions or suggestions, send us a message at webmaster [at]

Free Educational Materials for Teachers and Students of All Grade Levels and Subjects

We are dedicated to providing quality educational materials for little or no cost as part of our mission to democratize education in the United States and around the world. We firmly believe that, given the tools, every student can achieve academic success and reach her or his full potential.

Created by Experienced Educators for Use by K-12 Classroom Teachers and Homeschooling Parents

Check out some of our latest releases:

List of Thirty Prominent Hispanic Americans - Free to print. For use in research projects in grades 5-12.

Ancient Hebrews Matching Game - Designed for students of World History in grades 6-12, this fun online matching quiz game covers the history of the ancient Jews from Moses to the Roman conquest.

Early Imperialism in Asia Quiz - This fun little pop quiz tests students' knowledge of the early years of European imperialism in Asia, focusing on the spice trade in India, and downfall of the Mughal dynasty. For high school World History classes. Ten multiple-choice questions.

Afghanistan Country Report - Printable one-sheet reading with questions which summarizes the history of Afghanistan. Designed for American and World History students studying recent events. Grades 9-12.

Counting in Base Ten Worksheets - Students read the number, then shade the corresponding number of boxes. The numbers go up to 20, and the boxes are grouped into ten units, to help students understand numbers in terms of base ten. There are eight of these worksheets in total. Grades K-1.

Click for some of our most popular web pages:

Attendance Forms Everything from printable student sign-in sheets to a DIY attendance book.

Substitute Teaching Emergency Kit Absent for the day?  Covering for an absent teacher?  We have everything you need to have a great day with plenty of effective learning.

Citations: "How To" All of the information you need to know about how to use APA, MLA, footnote, and endnote formatting for your essay or research paper.

Free Online GED A free online high school program for students to either use as practice for the GED test or complete their high school diploma online.
DIY Compass Road for Primary Grades Social Studies/Geography
A Musical Note from the Teacher