Civil War in Ancient Rome - Free Printable History Outline
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Civil War in Rome and the End of the Roman Republic
Free Printable Outline for History Teachers and Students - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - World History


Click here to print. Outline is four pages in length.

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I. Tiberius Gracchus and land reform
II. Gaius Gracchus and reform
III. Differing parties continued to argue
IV. Military dictators come to power
V. Gaius Marius (circa 157-86 BCE)
VI. Lucius Sulla (circa 138-78 BCE)
VII. The First Triumvirate
VIII. Pompey (106-48 BCE)
IX. Marcus Crassus (115-53 BCE)
X. Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE)
XI. The First Triumvirate
XII. Trouble in paradise
XIII. Crossing the Rubicon
XIV. Caesar chases Pompey to Egypt
XV. “Veni, vidi, vici!”
XVI. Julius Caesar’s reforms
XVII. Dictator for life
XVIII. Chaos and more civil war
XIX. Octavian versus Mark Antony
XX. Review questions