Early America - Printable Worksheets, DBQs, Puzzles, etc.
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Unit 1: Early America
Printable Worksheets - Free American History Educational Materials on Early America
Causes and Effects
Causes and Effects: European Discovery of the Americas - Long- and short-term causes and effects blank printable chart
DBQs: Document-Based Questions
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources: Letter to Luis de Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery - Christopher Columbus (1493) - Printable original document with essay questions
Decipher the Code Puzzles
Decipher the Code: Age of Exploration
Quizzes and Tests
Printable Question-and-Answer Worksheet with Word Bank - The Earliest Americans
Readings with Questions
Handout Reading with Questions - Numbering the Years: What Year Is It? - Reading looks at the year-numbering systems of the Western, Jewish, Islamic, and ancient cultures - Explains why years are numbered how they are numbered - Also includes explanations of "B.C./A.D." and "B.C.E./C.E." - Handout with 4 questions
The Boy Columbus - Printable one-page reading text with recall and comprehension questions
King John II of Portugal and Columbus - Printable one-page reading text with recall and comprehension questions
T-Chart - The Age of Exploration - Blank chart with 18 prominent European explorers
T-Chart - European Nations and Their Explorers - Blank chart
Word Search Puzzles
Word Search Puzzle - Americas before Columbus
Word Search Puzzle - Civilization of the Ancient Maya
Word Search Puzzle - Native American Cultures at the Time of Columbus
Word Search Puzzle - The Columbian Exchange
Word Search Puzzle - West Africa during the Age of Exploration
United States History Units