Formation of a National Government Learning Materials
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Formation of a National Government Learning Materials
These are our free educational materials on the formation of the American government in the years following the War for Independence.
Books and Films - This is a selection of books and films covering the early United States. Many of our film review guides include recall questions and vocabulary terms.
Image Galleries - These are photographs, illustrations, and other images featuring this period in U.S. history.
Learning and Study Games - Learn about the formation of the U.S. national government using our online games. All games and quizzes are free to use, no registration or log-in needed.
Miscellany - These are our miscellaneous educational materials on this period in American history.
Outlines and Powerpoints - Here are our printable outlines and powerpoint presentations on the formation of the American national government.
Worksheets - This is our assortment of stand-alone printable worksheets covering this period in United States history. Items include writing exercises, readings with questions, and puzzles.
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