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United States History
Unit I: Early America
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Early America Books and Films - This page lists books and film which deal with America through the voyages of Columbus. Many of these film recommendations come with note-taking worksheets, suggested vocabulary terms, and more.
Early America Image Galleries - These are photographs, illustrations, and documents from the period.
Early America Learning and Study Games - These are interactive games for learning and studying about this period. Play online with no log-in or registration needed.
Early America Miscellany - These are miscellaneous educational materials on America through the voyages of Columbus.
Early America Outlines and PowerPoints - This page features printable outlines and powerpoints covering America through the voyages of Columbus.
Early America Worksheets - This page contains our stand-alone worksheets covering this period in American history.
UNIT I: Early America   UNIT IX: Discontent and Reform
UNIT II: Colonial Period   UNIT X: War, Prosperity, and Depression
UNIT III: American Revolution   UNIT XI: New Deal and World War II
UNIT IV: New National Government   UNIT XII: Postwar America
UNIT V: Westward Expansion   UNIT XIII: Decades of Change
UNIT VI: Sectional Conflict   UNIT XIV: New Conservatism
UNIT VII: Civil War and Reconstruction   UNIT XV: Into the Twenty-first Century