U.S. Industrial Revolution - Worksheets for American History
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Industrial Revolution in the United States
Causes and Effects: Blank Worksheets
Causes and Effects - Industrial Revolution - Blank short-term and long-term causes and effects chart
Charts and Graphs
DBQs: Document-Based Questions
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - A New England Girlhood excerpt, Lucy Larcom
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - Emmeline Pankhurst, Why We Are Militant
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - Eugene V. Debs on Competition
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie
Readings with Questions
Printable Reading with Questions - Technology and Change
Printable Reading with Questions - Carnegie and the Era of Steel
Printable Reading with Questions - Revolution in Agriculture
Printable Reading with Questions - The Struggles of Labor
T-Charts - Blank Forms to Be Completed by Students
T-Chart - Unionization: Employer and Union Weapons - Students complete this table chart, identifying and describing the tactics used by employers and unions
T-Chart - The Industrial Revolution: Domestic System vs. Factory System of Production - Students complete this table graph/chart describing the differences between these two systems (means of production, ownership of the means of production, independence or dependence of workers, etc.)
T-Chart - Pivotal Events in the Development of Medical Advances - Blank t-chart to be completed by students
Word Search Puzzles
Word Search Puzzle - The Industrial Revolution
Writing Exercises
Writing Exercises - The Rise of Organized Labor
United States History Units