U.S. Imperialism and Power - Free Worksheets and Handouts
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Free Printable Handouts and Worksheets for United States History Teachers and Students
Causes and Effects
Causes and Effects - Spanish-American War - Short- and long-term causes and effects chart
Causes and Effects - American Involvement in Latin America - Short- and long-term causes and effects chart
DBQs: Document-Based Questions
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - The White Man's Burden - Rudyard Kipling, 1899
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - Spanish-American War - Introduction from Our Islands and Their People (1899) written by Major-General Joseph Wheeler, a primary source document complete with recall and comprehension questions
Map Handouts
Map of U.S. Territorial Acquisitions since 1783 - Printable color map (PDF) illustrating the territories acquired by the United States since 1783
Readings with Questions
Printable Reading with Questions - Ambivalent Empire
Printable Reading with Questions - The Canal and the Americas
Printable Reading with Questions - United States and Asia
Word Search Puzzles
Native Americans and Westward Expansion - Printable word search puzzle
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