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American History Teaching Materials
Pearl Harbor Day December 7, 1941 World War II
Free U.S. History Games, Maps, Pictures, Worksheets, More - Social Studies Worksheets - Cultural Literacy Daily Quizzes
Causes and Effects: Blank Printable Charts
Causes and Effects - World War II - Long- and short-term causes and effects chart
Puzzle Worksheets
Decipher the Code - The Rise of Benito Mussolini in Italy
Decipher the Code - World War II, Part 1
World War II in the Pacific Puzzles Worksheet - Printable worksheet features fun word puzzles related to World War II in the Pacific
Readings with Questions
Printable Reading with Questions - War and Uneasy Neutrality
Printable Reading with Questions - Japan, Pearl Harbor, and War
Printable Reading with Questions - Mobilization for Total War
Printable Reading with Questions - The War in North Africa and Europe
Printable Reading with Questions - The War in the Pacific
Printable Reading with Questions - The Politics of War
Printable Reading with Questions - War, Victory, and the Bomb
Printable Reading with Questions - The Rise of Industrial Unions
T-Charts: Blank Printable Worksheets
T-Chart - Strengths and Weaknesses: Allies against Axis Powers in WWII
T-Chart - The Players and Their Games - Students complete this table chart which looks at the leading World War II nations and their leaders in 1938, their domestic and international concerns and goals, etc. -  The objective is to give students an idea of how and why World War II was able to happen
T-Chart - Pivotal Events of World War II
Timeline Worksheets
World War II Timeline Worksheet - Students are asked to correctly number events between 1931 and 1945
Word Search Puzzles
World War II: The Pacific Word Search Puzzle - Printable word search puzzle featuring 20 terms an names on the Second World War in the Pacific arena
Word Search Puzzle - Most Popular Baby Names of 1940
The U.S. in World War II - Online Learning Games
The U.S. in World War II - Image Gallery
Isolationism and Neutrality: American Foreign Policy between World War I and World War II - 6 slides including 4 review questions
National World War II Museum - This museum, physically located in New Orleans, Louisiana, features many online educational resources
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Physically located in Washington, D.C., this museum's website offers many resources for educators
The U.S. in World War II - Books and Films
Printable Trivia Questions - Build-up to World War II
Date Which Will Live in Infamy - December 8, 1941, speech by U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - printable sheet
  United States History Units

1 Early America  2 Colonial Period  3 Road to Independence
Formation of a National Government  5 Westward Expansion and Regional Differences
6 National and Sectional Conflict  7 Civil War and Reconstruction
8 Industrial Revolution  9 Gilded Age  10 American Imperialism and Power
Discontent and Reform  12 World War I  13 Roaring Twenties  14 Great Depression
15 World War II  16 Postwar America  17 Decades of Change: 1960-1980
New Conservatism: 1972-1985  19 New World Order: 1986-1999
New Millennium: 2000-Present

American History Learning Games
American History Picture Gallery
Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World (1995) DVD/Video Review and Guide for Teachers The Forbidden City: Dynasty and Destiny (1996) DVD/Video Review and Guide for History Teachers Free Movie Reviews and Video Guides for Social Studies and History Teachers Secrets of Stonehenge (PBS/Nova, 2010) Video/DVD Review and Guide for History Teachers The Jewish People: A Story of Survival (2008) Video Guide and Questions for Students and Teachers

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