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Let's Get to the Root of the Verb #2
Directions:Circle the root word within each underlined word.
Let's Get to the Root of the Verb Worksheet #2 - Free to print (PDF file).

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Click here to print (PDF file). (1) I am watching a movie about Benjamin Franklin. (2) Gabriel hunted deer when he was in Michigan. (3) George Washington looked for the British. (4) They were searching for a way to win. (5) Lucy is wishing for a new book to read. (6) My mother is ordering dinner from a restaurant. (7) My father is circling the parking lot for a good spot. (8) “I hate the rain,” Edward sighed. (9) The troops are marching into battle. (10) What are you thinking?
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.4.C: Identify frequently occurring root words (e.g., look) and their inflectional forms (e.g., looks, looked, looking).
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