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The Earliest Americans: Pop Quiz
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1.      Mayan civilization developed in what is now _____.

a.      Brazil

b.      Guatemala

c.      Peru

d.      Texas


2.      What term describes a complex culture, centered around cities, with people working at specialized occupations who operate under a complex government?

a.      agriculture

b.      civilization

c.      Paleolithic

d.      suburbanization


3.      What group of invaders from northern Mexico settled on Lake Texcoco circa 1325?

a.      Aztec

b.      Ina

c.      Maya

d.      Olmec


4.      The Mississippian culture created flat-topped mounds, such as at _____ in modern-day western Illinois.

a.      Appalachia

b.      Cahokia

c.      Chicago

d.      Springfield


5.      Around 5,000 years ago, maize (corn) was first cultivated in _____.

a.      Argentina

b.      Mexico

c.      Nebraska

d.      Saskatchewan


6.      What group is called the “mother culture” of Mesoamerican civilizations?

a.      Aztec

b.      Clovis

c.      Inca

d.      Olmec


7.      What culture of circa 11,500 years ago, identified by its style of spear point, disappeared along with big game?

a.      Anasazi

b.      Choctaw

c.      Clovis

d.      Hohokam


8.      The _____ built towns into the sides of canyons, such as at Pueblo Bonito in modern-day New Mexico.

a.      Anasazi

b.      Cherokee

c.      Hohokam

d.      Olmec


9.      What large, planned city was built circa 300 C.E. in the Valley of Mexico?

a.      Guadalupe

b.      Oaxaca

c.      Teotihuacan

d.      Tijuana


10. The _____ culture thrived in the Ohio Valley, where the people built large earthen mounds.

a.      Anasazi

b.      Hohokam

c.      Hopewell

d.      Miami


11. What is the name of the ice sheet that connected Siberia and Alaska?

a.      Aleutia

b.      Anchorage

c.      Beringia

d.      Russia


12. “Paleo” comes from the Greek word “palaios,” meaning _____ in Greek.

a.      ancient

b.      artifact

c.      new

d.      stone


13. The _____ culture was located in the southwestern American desert and used irrigation.

a.      Cherokee

b.      Hohokam

c.      Narragansett

d.      Olmec

Students answer multiple-choice questions on various Native American cultures that existed in the Americas before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492.  Included are groups such as the Aztec, Hohokam, Hopewell, Mississippian, and Olmec. Click here to print. Click here for the answer key.
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