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American Revolution Essay Questions
American Revolution Essay Questions - Free to print (PDF files). Three worksheets to choose from.
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American Revolution Essay Questions - 1 How was the American Revolution influenced by Enlightenment ideas? 2 Describe the economic causes of the American Revolution. 3 Imagine that you are a slave of Thomas Jefferson, living in Virginia in 1776. What might you think of the Declaration of Independence?
Road to Revolution Essay Questions - 1 Explain the concept of "no taxation without representation." 2 Summarize the events of the Boston Massacre. 3 Describe the causes and effects of the Boston Tea Party. 4 Illustrate the events at Lexington and Concord. 5 How might your life be different had George III accepted the Olive Branch Petition?
Revolutionary Ideas Essay Questions - 1 Why did American colonists resist British imperial policy after 1763? 2 Describe the Enlightenment concepts that are incorporated into the Declaration of Independence. 3 Imagine that you are a colonist living in Philadelphia in 1774. How might you feel about revolution? Explain.
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