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American Revolution Essay Questions
American Revolution Essay Questions - Free to print (PDF files). Three worksheets to choose from.
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American Revolution Essay Questions - 1 How was the American Revolution influenced by Enlightenment ideas? 2 Describe the economic causes of the American Revolution. 3 Imagine that you are a slave of Thomas Jefferson, living in Virginia in 1776. What might you think of the Declaration of Independence? Answers will vary.
Road to Revolution Essay Questions - 1 Explain the concept of "no taxation without representation." 2 Summarize the events of the Boston Massacre. 3 Describe the causes and effects of the Boston Tea Party. 4 Illustrate the events at Lexington and Concord. 5 How might your life be different had George III accepted the Olive Branch Petition? Answers will vary.
Revolutionary Ideas Essay Questions - 1 Why did American colonists resist British imperial policy after 1763? 2 Describe the Enlightenment concepts that are incorporated into the Declaration of Independence. 3 Imagine that you are a colonist living in Philadelphia in 1774. How might you feel about revolution? Explain. Answers will vary.
The Boston Massacre was a significant event that occurred on the evening of March 5, 1770, in Boston, Massachusetts, during a period of growing tension between American colonists and British troops.

Background: Tensions between Boston's residents and British soldiers had been escalating for some time. The presence of British troops in the city was a source of frustration and anger, as many colonists believed the soldiers threatened their liberty and freedoms. This tension was exacerbated by incidents involving British soldiers and colonists.

The Incident: On the evening of March 5, a group of colonists gathered near the Customs House in Boston. The crowd consisted of both angry colonists and British soldiers, and it quickly escalated into a confrontation. The colonists taunted and provoked the soldiers, who were stationed there to maintain order.

As the confrontation intensified, the soldiers, led by Captain Thomas Preston, became surrounded by an angry mob. Shouting, pushing, and the throwing of snowballs and various objects at the soldiers occurred. In the midst of the chaos, someone--whether a colonist or a soldier remains unclear--shouted an order to "Fire!" At that point, the British soldiers opened fire on the crowd.

Casualties: In the ensuing volley of gunfire, five colonists were killed, and several others were wounded. Among the casualties, Crispus Attucks, a mixed-race sailor, became one of the first to die in the clash and is often cited as a symbol of the struggle for American independence.

Aftermath: The Boston Massacre deepened the divide between the American colonists and British authorities. It was used as a rallying cry for the colonial cause, particularly by those seeking to heighten anti-British sentiment. Paul Revere created an inflammatory engraving of the incident, further fueling anti-British sentiments.

The British soldiers involved in the shooting were put on trial for murder. John Adams, a future U.S. President, and Josiah Quincy successfully defended them, arguing that they had been provoked and attacked by the colonists. Six of the soldiers were acquitted, and two were found guilty of a lesser charge (manslaughter), resulting in reduced punishment.

The Boston Massacre served as a precursor to the American Revolutionary War, which would follow several years later, and it remains a symbol of the strained relations and violence that characterized the lead-up to the war for American independence.
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