Tomb of Christopher Columbus, Cuba, 1898 | Student Handouts
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Tomb of Christopher Columbus
TOMB OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: One of the most famous works of art in existence, situated under the dome of Havana's Cathedral. Columbus is being carried by the kings of Aragon, Castile, Leon, and Navarre. Columbus died in Spain in 1506. He was first buried in Valladolid, Spain, then in Seville, Spain. In 1542 his remains were taken to eastern Hispaniola (the island of Santo Domingo, in the area now called the Dominican Republic). The French (who had taken over Santo Domingo) moved the remains to Havana, Cuba, in 1795. It was not until after the Spanish-American War that the remains of Christopher Columbus were finally returned to Spain, where the tomb resides in the Cathedral of Seville. This image is extremely rare in that it shows the tomb as it existed in Havana just prior to its return to Spain.
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