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Cyrus the Great Biography Workbook
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "C" Names > Cyrus the Great (600-530 B.C.E.)
Cyrus the Great Biography Workbook - Free to print (PDF file) for high school World History students. Ten pages in length.
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King Cyrus the Great of Persia (600-530 B.C.E.): Learn all about this famous and powerful Persian monarch, known to history through the writings of Herodotus and ancient cuneiform inscriptions. Ten pages in length and full of cross-curricular activities and questions, this free printable is part of our Biography Workbooks series. Click here to print. The answer key is below.
Answer Key - 1. D - Mandane; 2. D - Mitridates; 3. The herdsman's wife gave birth to a stillborn infant, and was able to substitute the living baby for it; 4. The king gets to beat him; 5. He was struck by the boy's boldness and looks; 6. Nineveh; 7. Nebuchadnezzar; 8. Medes; 9. Lydia; 10. Croesus; 11. Cyrus; 12. He hid a letter in the body of a dead hare; 13. Answers will vary; 14. Sardis; 15. A Persian sentinel saw a soldier descend the precipice, thus showing the way; 16. Cyrus had the Euphrates rerouted so that his troops could march into the city on dry land; 17. Answers will vary; 18. A - Egypt; 19. On map; 20. On map; 21. On map; 22. On map; 23. On map; 24. Iran.
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