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Pepin the Short Biography Workbook
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "P" Names > Pepin the Short (714-768 C.E.)
Pepin the Short Biography Workbook - Free to print (PDF file) for high school World History students. Eleven pages in length with questions and activities.
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Pepin the Short of France (714-768 CE): Learn all about this famous and powerful ruler of France, founder of the Carolingian dynasty and father of Charlemagne. This workbook is eleven pages in length and full of cross-curricular questions and activities. It is ideal for independent learning. Click here to print. This item is part of our Biography Workbooks series for high school. The answer key is below.
Answer Key: 1. Childeric III; 2. Carloman and Pepin got rid of Griffo, then Carloman entered a monastery; 3. Long hair; 4. Answers will vary; 5. The pope needed Pepin's help against Astolpho, king of the Lombards; 6. Boniface; 7. Short stature; 8. Pepin decapitated a lion and a bull; 9. Answers will vary; 10. Answers will vary; The Church had approved Pepin's right to rule, so if the Church was not powerful, Pepin would have no powerful outside force supporting his kingship; 11. Ravenna; 12. D - Difference in religion; 13. C - Waifre; 14. Pepin; 15. Dropsy; 16. Answers will vary; 17. L - sanguinary; 18. F - faineant; 19. H - instigation; 20. A - acclamations; 21. B - derision; 22. O - temporal; 23. E - excommunication; 24. J - pontiff; 25. N - stature; 26. K - retribution; 27. I - monastery; 28. G - homage; 29. M - sovereignty; 30. D - dispossess; 31. C - disgorge.
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