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Benjamin Franklin Quote Puzzle
Benjamin Franklin Puzzle Worksheet - Historical Figures > Figures with "F" Names > Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin Quote Puzzle - Worksheet is free to print (PDF file).
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Students must decipher the code to unlock the following famous quote by one of America's Founding Fathers: "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin. Click here to print this worksheet.
The puzzle requires the player to figure out which letters are assigned to which numbers. People who grow adept at these puzzles use tricks such as, knowing that the most common two-letter words are he/an/in, etc.

So with a puzzle like this, you see there are two 2-letter words--"5-22" and "15-22." This makes it most likely that 22 is N, and that 5 and 15 are I and A (though you don't initially know which is which).

Once you know that 22 is N, you know that the person's first and last names are each 8 letters in length and contain Ns: 2-18-N-3-5-6-15-N   7-24-5-N-25-14-15-N.

A lot of players, knowing the quoted person was a Founding Father, can guess that the name is BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Knowing this, the letters to match the numbers in the name are clear, and more of the puzzle is revealed. Check out more of our free printable puzzles here.
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