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Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Workbook
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This student-friendly workbook is part of our World History series. "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" focuses on ancient Rome from the rise of Augustus following his defeat of Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium, through the Pax Romana and rise of Christianity, to the defeat of Rome by the barbarian Odoacer in 476.

Like all of the workbooks in this series, brief chunks of easy-to-read text are full of fascinating, important information that will intrigue children ages 12 and up. Interspersed throughout the text are numerous questions and activities, ranging from basic recall, to critical thinking, to map work, to artistic expression, to puzzles. Learning is constantly reinforced throughout the text. This workbook is appropriate for everyone from fourth-graders learning ancient history for the first time, to high school students preparing for the AP European or World History tests.

Our student workbooks provide learners the opportunity to learn independently. Parents or teachers introduce the topic, then give students the workbook to read and complete. After the workbook has been completed, students have acquired the necessary comprehensive content knowledge to competently discuss the topic with educators and others, and will be motivated to branch their study of the topic into other related lines of inquiry. Works great as a stand-alone item or as a supplement to a larger unit.

Click here to print. This workbook is 21 pages in length. The answer key is below.
Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Workbook - Free to print (PDF file). For high school World History students.
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1. Three of the following: Augustus, Consul for Life, Princeps, Imperator, Pontifex Maximus
2. Answers will vary
3. Roman peace of about 200 years
4. Answers will vary
5. Answers will vary
6. Answers will vary

1. (d) Sweden
2. (a) England
3. (a) France
4. Answers will include five of the following: Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, English Channel, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Adriatic Sea, Red Sea, Aegean Sea, Caspian Sea

5. (L) Vespasian
6. (E) Hadrian
7. (F) Jewish Diaspora
8. (I) Simon Bar Kokhba
9. (J) succession
10. (K) Trajan
11. (G) predecessor
12. (A) Colosseum
13. (H) Roman Republic
14. (B) Domitian
15. (C) Firs Jewish Revolt
16. (D) gladiators
17. Roman Republic: 509-30 B.C.E.; Roman Empire: 30 B.C.E.-476 C.E.
18. Answer should elaborate on the concept of "first among equals"
19. Answers will vary, and should include the founding of the Roman Empire
20. Roman peace that lasted approximately 200 years
21. Answers will vary, but should include that both were unfit to rule
22. Answers will vary, but should include unhappiness under Roman rule, and the eventual removal of most Jews from the Jerusalem area
23. Meditations
24. 285 C.E.
25. (B) Scandinavia
26. (A) True
27. (C) Lombards
28. (D) North Sea
29. Answer on map (located at what is now roughly the boundary between Scotland and England)
30. Vandals and Visigoths
31. Answer will include two of the following: Normans, Franks, Visigoths, Burgundians
32. Answers will vary
33. Answers will vary

Julius Caesar - 100-44 BCE - Commentaries on the Gallic Wars
Livy - 59 BCE-17 CE - Annals
Plutarch - 46-120 CE - Parallel Lives and Moralia
Tacitus - ca. 56-ca. 17 CE - Germania and Annals and Histories

34. Answers will vary
35. Answers will vary
36. (F) Livy
37. (A) Cicero
38. (H) Pliny the Elder
39. (I) Romulus Augustus
40. (C) Eastern Roman Empire
41. (E) Justinian
42. (G) Pax Romana
43. (D) Edict of Milan
44. (B) Constantine
45. (J) Virgil
46. (B) Greek
47. (B) Galen
48. Diocletian did it for administrative purposes
49. Answers will vary, but should reference the Edict of Milan and Constantine's deathbed conversion
50. Answers will vary, but should reference his legal code
51. West in 476 with barbarian conquest; East in 1453 with Ottoman conquest
52. Answers will vary
53. Answers will vary
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