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Ancient Rome Game Cards
Ancient Rome Game Cards - Free to print (PDF file).
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Ancient Italy Interactive Map Quiz

Interactive Map Quiz of Europe at the Waning of the Roman Empire in 376 C.E.

Imperial Rome Interactive Map Quiz
The Learning Curve is a family-friendly alternative to the expensive board games on store shelves. Our questions focus on the information that kids, ages 10-18, need and want to know. Each batch contains 50 question cards on a particular topic. We recommend adding a new pack to your "stockpile" of question cards as your kids master their existing cards. We even provide the game board and instructions...just click here. We recommend printing your game board and question cards on card stock for durability. Click here to print. Click here for our free printable game board with instructions.

Sample Questions: What Roman emperor (r. 312-337 CE) moved the capital from Rome to Byzantium, renaming the city (now known as Istanbul, Turkey) after himself? The Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii were buried in 79 CE when what volcano erupted? Rome was built on the seven hills on the eastern bank of what river? What Roman emperor (r. 41-54 CE) brought southern Britannia (modern-day England) under Roman control? What new Roman weapon forced ship crews to fight one another on deck, by lashing ships together?
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