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Timeline of Ancient Rome Worksheet
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Timeline of Ancient Rome Worksheet for High School World History - Free to print (PDF file).

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Document-Based Questions:

1. How long after the Latins entered Italy were settlements established on the Palatine Hill? circa 1200 BCE to circa 1000-800 BCE; so about 200-400 years

2. How long did the Roman Republic last? 509 BCE-30 BCE; 479 years

3. How long did the Western Roman Empire last? 30 BCE-476 CE; 506 years

4. How much time elapsed between the writing of the Twelve Tables and the Justinian Code? 450 BCE to between 527 and 565 CE, so 977-1,015 years

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In addition to teaching students important dates in ancient Roman history, this timeline worksheet is meant to impress upon them how long the Roman Empire lasted. Although early dates are approximate (and debated among historians), we can safely say that Roman civilization (republic and empire), with Rome as its center, lasted at least a thousand years; and that its legacy continued, centered in Constantinople, for about another thousand years.

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