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Battle of la Hogue, 1692
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Battle of La Hogue, 1692
The Battle of La Hogue took place between May 29 and June 4, 1692, near the Cherbourg Peninsula in France. Historically, Cherbourg's port, located on the English Channel, has done heavy traffic between France and Britain.

This naval battle pitted the English and Dutch against the French under Louis XIV (the Sun King). It was part of the War of the English Succession, also known as the Nine Years' War (1688-1697), during which forces on the European continent (along with Irish soldiers and sailors) attempted to restore James II to the English throne. James II had been deposed in 1688 during England's Glorious Revolution.

Despite thousands killed in action, the Battle of La Hogue was tactically indecisive, though the English won a strategic victory, and managed to successfully keep James II from regaining the English throne.
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