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Image Gallery of the Crusades
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  Louis IX starting for the Crusades.   Knight Templar   Map of the crusaders' states in Syria after the First Crusade.  Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1229.   Map of Europe at the time of the First Crusade (1096).   Map of the Islamic conquests in Africa, Asia, and Europe, 632-750 A.D./C.E.  
  Louis IX on Crusade   Knight Templar   Crusaders' States in Syria   Map of Europe in 1096   Islamic Conquests  
  Map of the growth of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, 1355-1683.   Artillery of the Middle Ages, a catapult.  Most catapults were great crossbows.  The one shown here, however, also called an onager, was like a great sling.  Catapults were used for either offensive or defensive warfare.  The one shown is being employed in the defense of city walls.  Stones were used as ammunition.   Godfrey de Bouillon (1060-1100)   Saladin (1137-1192)   Richard Cœur de Lion (1157-1199)  
  Ottoman Turkish Empire   Catapult of the Middle Ages   Godfrey de Bouillon (1060-1100)   Saladin (1137-1192)   Richard Cœur de Lion (1157-1199)  
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