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Second Industrial Revolution Printable Pop Quiz
Free to Print - World History > Global Industrial Revolution > Global Industrial Revolution Miscellany
Second Industrial Revolution Printable Pop Quiz - Free to print (PDF file) for high school World History students.
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This printable quiz covers the Second Industrial Revolution. There are fourteen multiple-choice questions. It prints on two sides of a sheet of paper. Click here to print. Click here to print the answer key.
How much have you learned about the Second Industrial Revolution? Take this quiz to find out. Select the best answer for each question.

1. Which of the following statements is not true of the Second Industrial Revolution? a. Electricity became the primary source of power for factories, farms, and homes b. Mass production, particularly of consumer goods c. Saw the spread of the Industrial Revolution to places such as Germany, Japan, and Russia d. Took place between about 1750 and 1870 2. The _____, completed in 1869, provided access to the Indian Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea, without the need to sail around Africa. a. Berlin-to-Baghdad Railroad b. Kiel Canal c. Suez Canal d. Trans-Siberian Railroad 3. The _____, completed in 1914, provided access from one side of the Americas to the other without the need to sail around the tip of South America. a. Cape-to-Cairo Railroad b. Panama Canal c. Suez Canal d. Trans-Siberian Railroad 4. Who designed the assembly line (1908-1915)? a. Eli Whitney b. Gottlieb Daimler c. Henry Ford d. Thomas Edison 5. Who, in 1927, flew the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic? a. Amelia Earhart b. Charles Lindbergh c. Orville Wright d. Wilbur Wright.
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