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Napoleonic Era Review Cards
Free to Print (PDF Files) - World History > Napoleonic Era > Napoleonic Era Miscellany
Napoleonic Era Review Cards - Flashcards are free to print (PDF files) for high school World History and European History students.
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Sample Questions: What English admiral defeated Napoleon at the battle of the Nile? Nelson. What Haitian leader successfully led a revolution against French rule in 1803? Toussaint l'Ouverture. What French term describes the seizure of power by military force? Coup d'état. What organization did Napoleon establish to control education in France? University of France. What is a plebiscite? Popular vote. What honorary society was established by Napoleon to supplant the prestige previously held by the hereditary nobility? Legion of Honor.

Fun test prep! You can use these as stand-alone flashcards, but we use them as game cards for classroom study/review games. You can print a game board and read our basic instructions here. We have designed these to optimize them for small budgets. Tip: Print the game cards on card stock for durability.
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