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Julius Caesar Biography Workbook
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Julius Caesar Biography Workbook - Free to print (PDF file) for high school World History students. Thirteen pages in length, with questions, activities, and illustrations.
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Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE): Learn all about this famous and powerful Roman general, the most famous in history, who conquered ancient Gaul and whose actions led to the end of the Roman Republic. The answer key is available below.

What is the Biography Workbook Series? The Biography Workbook Series offers mini-unit workbooks on important figures from history. Brief chunks of informative text are interspersed with questions (ranging from basic recall to critical thinking) and fun activities. Each workbook can be completed in as little as an afternoon.

These great workbooks serve as perfect supplements to a student's study of history, and function equally well as stand-alone units. An important cross-curricular benefit is that these workbooks are guaranteed to help improve your learner's reading comprehension, spelling, and writing skills while teaching history. Ideal for any student aged 12 and up. Click here to print.
Answer Key: 1 William Shakespeare 2 C - oligarchy 3 B - False 4 Sulla didn't have the insight, sympathy, or ambition to do so 5 Marius had married one of Caesar's aunts, and Caesar had married a daughter of Cinna 6 C - Pompey 7 C - single person 8 The eastern lands were wealthier and already had the trappings of civilization 9 A - France 10 France rapidly and thoroughly accepted Roman civilization 11 Answers will vary 12 Rubicon 13 He was a military hero who supported the Populares 14 C - east 15 Egypt 16 Answers will vary, but should include an end to corruption, more rights for plebeians, and a stronger economy 17 A - True 18 Answers will vary
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