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Diocletian Biography Workbook
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "D" Names > Diocletian (244-311 C.E.)
Diocletian Biography Workbook - Free to print (PDF file) for high school World History and European History students.
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Diocletian (244-311 C.E.): Learn all about this famous and powerful Roman emperor, who rose to power on his merits, only to voluntarily retire to grow vegetables in Croatia. Part of our Biography Workbooks series, this item is fifteen pages in length and full of cross-curricular activities and questions. Click here to print. The answer key is below.
Answer Key: 1. Circa 245 C.E.; 2. Numerianus (or Numerian); 3. Nicomedia; 4. Answers will vary; 5. Carinus; 6. A - True; 7. Answers will vary; 8. Answers will vary; 9. Answers will vary; 10.




 Asia and Egypt


 Italy and Africa




 Thrace and Illyricum


 Gaul and Spain

11. Military had a long history of making and unmaking emperors; 12. Answers will vary; 13. Narses; 14. Answers will vary; 15. Nabae (or Nabatae or Nubians); 16. Thermae; 17. Galerius; 18. Answers will vary; 19. Church of Nicomedia; 20. Answers will vary; 21. B - False; 22. Lucania; 23. A - Croatia; 24. Licensed informers; 25. Answers will vary.
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