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Punic Wars History Workbook
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Punic Wars (264-146 B.C.E.) History Workbook - Free to print (PDF file). For high school World History or European History students. Fifteen pages.
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This student-friendly workbook is part of our World History Workbook Series.

"The Punic Wars" focuses on the wars waged between Rome and Carthage (264-146 B.C.E.) that led to Rome's dominance in the Mediterranean region.

Like all of the workbooks in this series, brief chunks of easy-to-read text are full of fascinating, important information that will intrigue students.

Interspersed throughout the text are over forty questions and activities, ranging from basic recall, to critical thinking, to map work, to artistic expression, to puzzles.

Learning is constantly reinforced throughout the text.

Click here to print. This workbook is 15 pages in length.
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