Glory That Was Greece: Multiple-Choice Test | Student Handouts
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Glory That Was Greece: Test
Free Printable Multiple-choice Test on Ancient Greece for World History - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)
Glory That Was Greece: Multiple-choice Test for World History Students

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Click here to print this multiple-choice test with thirty questions, for grades 6-12. Answer Key
Sample Questions: 1. Who is credited with writing the Iliad and the Odyssey? a. Alexander b. Aristotle c. Homer d. Plato 2. What body of water separates the Greek peninsula from Asia Minor? a. Aegean Sea b. Black Sea c. Ionian Sea d. Mediterranean Sea 3. _____ was the first law-giver of Athens. a. Draco b. Pericles c. Plato d. Solon 4. Which factor helped to unite the Greeks? a. common culture and heritage b. defense against Marseilles c. mountainous terrain d. similar forms of government 5. What Greek city-state was the center of classical Greek philosophy and thought? a. Athens b. Corinth c. Sparta d. Thebes
An interactive version of this test can be found here.
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