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Ancient Crete: Minoan Civilization
Free Printable Outline with Review Questions for World History - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - Ancient Greece

        I.            Archaeology

a.       Cretan history previously known only through myths and legends

b.      British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans found and studied remains on Crete

c.       Called “Minoan” civilization after numerous kings named Minos

      II.            Natural resources

a.       Copper

b.      Fertile soilAncient Crete/Minoan Civilization History Outline - Free to print (PDF file).

c.       Gold

d.      Good harbors

e.      Lead

f.        Silver

    III.            Early history

a.       3000-1400 BCE – Cretan empire

b.      Parts of Asia and Greek peninsula, and other Aegean islands

c.       Major cities

                                                               i.      Knossos (a.k.a. Cnossus)

                                                             ii.      Phaestus

   IV.            Economy

a.       Leading sailors and traders before the Phoenicians

                                                               i.      Traded metal goods, pottery, and textiles

                                                             ii.      Traded with Egyptians, Syrians, and others

b.      Strong navy

                                                               i.      Exacted tribute from neighbors

                                                             ii.      Protected the merchant marine

     V.            Decline and fall

a.       14th century BCE

                                                               i.      Conquered by barbarians from central and eastern Europe

                                                             ii.      Hellenes attacked and destroyed Crete

                                                            iii.      Mixture of Cretans and Hellenes became the Greeks

   VI.            Legacy

a.       Link between ancient Egypt and classical Greece

b.      Cretan writing remains largely undeciphered

c.       Palaces had baths, drains, and plumbing

d.      Stressed athleticism – boxing, dancing, and running

e.      Women enjoyed a level of equality with men

 VII.            Art and religion

a.       Principal deity was a goddess

b.      Art illustrates religious festivals and rituals

c.       Colorful palaces

d.      Painting, pottery, and sculpture

VIII.            Review questions

a.       What famous British archaeologist first excavated and studied Minoan remains at Crete?

b.      Upon what was the Minoan economy based?

c.       What caused the decline of Minoan civilization?

d.      Describe Minoan culture.

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