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Brazil Map Worksheet
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Directions: Answer the questions below based on the map of Brazil and your knowledge of social studies. This versatile map worksheet is for grades 4-12.
Brazil Map Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file) for World Geography students in grades five through twelve.

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Click here to print. Click here for the answer key. For more of our free educational materials on the South American country of Brazil, click here.
1. What is the capital city of Brazil? a. Brasilia b. Rio de Janeiro c. Salvador d. Sao Paulo 2. Brazil is located on what continent? a. Africa b. Asia c. North America d. South America 3. Brazil borders the Pacific Ocean. a. True b. False 4. What is the official language of Brazil? a. English b. French c. Portuguese d. Spanish 5. Which of the following countries does not border Brazil? a. Argentina b. Chile c. Colombia d. Paraguay 6. Which of the following cities is located along the Amazon River? a. Manaus b. Porto Alegre c. Sao Paulo d. Vitoria 7. The equator passes through northern Brazil. a. True b. False 8. Color or shade the country of Brazil gray.
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