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First Industrial Revolution PPT

Free PowerPoint Presentation for Use by Teachers and Students of World History, European History, and Global Studies - Scroll Down to View, Print, or Download


This PowerPoint presentation covers the first phase of the Industrial Revolution, focusing especially on the industrialization of Great Britain.  It contains a total of 44 slides, including two slides featuring nine review questions.  Select the version/format of your choice.

Click here to browse our large selection of educational materials related to the Industrial Revolution.

PPTX - 2007 version of PowerPoint (best version)

PPT - 1997-2003 version of PowerPoint (some graphics features are compromised)

PDF - Book-like format that is great for those who prefer to view and read the PowerPoint online without downloading it to a hard drive

Student Notes - PDF student note-taking sheet featuring three slides per sheet, with note-taking blank lines next to the sheets

Outline - Complete text (minus graphics) of the PowerPoint (recommended for students/teachers who want a print-out of this information but also want to save on paper and ink)
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