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Free Printable Worksheets for learning about Classical Civilizations in World History
Decipher the Code Puzzles
Decipher the Code - Classical Civilizations
Decipher the Code - Early Chinese Civilization
Decipher the Code - Classical Civilizations
Decipher the Code - The Mauryan Empire of India
DBQs: Document-Based Questions
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - The Writings of Confucius
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - Livy's History of Rome
Quizzes and Tests
Ancient Greece Multiple-Choice Test - Printable multiple-choice test featuring 30 questions; grades 6-12
Timeline - Timeline of Ancient Rome - Worksheet with four questions
Trivia Cards
"The Glory That Was Greece" Printable Trivia Questions - Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 (Click here for trivia review game board information.)
Word Search Puzzles
Word Search Puzzle - Classical Civilizations
Writing Exercises
Writing Exercises - Ancient China
Writing Exercises - Ancient Greece
Writing Exercises - Classical Civilizations
Click here to go to the main World History page for Classical Civilizations.
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Ancient Greece Free Interactive Multiple-Choice Test
Education in Ancient Greece Coloring Sheet for Kids

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