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Free Outlines, PowerPoints, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Maps, & More for World History Teachers & Students
Materials for All Grades (K-12) and Ability Levels
Perfect for Everyone from Junior and Senior High School Teachers to Notebooking Homeschoolers of All Ages
Part I :
Prehistory through the 1700s
Part II:
Scientific Revolution through Today
Early Peoples
Early Hominids - Paleolithic Era - Concept of Time - Hunter-Gatherers
Scientific Revolution
Galileo - Bacon - Descartes - Copernicus - Newton - Scientific Method
Neolithic Revolution
Egyptians - Hebrews - Assyrians - Babylonians - Lydians - River Valleys
The Enlightenment
John Locke - Voltaire - Catherine the Great
Classical Civilizations
Greeks - Chinese - Mauryan
Political Revolutions
French Revolution - Latin America - Napoleon Bonaparte - Simon Bolivar
Rise and Fall of Great Empires
Rome - China - Julius Caesar - Cleopatra - Conquest of Gaul - Goths
The Age of Reaction
Concert of Europe - Metternich - Congress of Vienna - Legitimacy
Emergence of Belief Systems
Judaism - Buddhism - Christianity - Islam - History - Beliefs
Independent Latin America
Benito Juarez - Populism - Cash Crops
Gupta Empire of India
Culture - Contributions
Global Nationalism
Greek Independence - Italian Unification - Romantic Period - Classical Music
Tang & Song Dynasties of China
Inventions - Expansion
Industrial Revolution
Factory System - Growth of Cities - Democratic Reforms - Birth of Unions - Karl Marx
Byzantine Empire
Justinian - Eastern Orthodox Church
British Empire - Berlin Conference - Scramble for Africa - Indochina - Opium Wars - Global Economy
Early Russia
Kievan Rus - Moscow
Meiji Restoration in Japan
Modernization - Militarization
Spread of Islam
Mohammed - Caliphates
World War I
Trenches - Mustard Gas - Modern Warfare
Medieval Europe
Dark Ages - Middle Ages - Feudalism - Knights - Chivalry - Medieval Church
Russian Revolution
Vladimir Lenin - Joseph Stalin - Communism - Collectivization
The Crusades
Jerusalem - Charles Martel - Richard Lionheart - Saladin
Between the World Wars
Great Depression - Fascism - Mussolini - Totalitarianism - Rise of Dictatorships
Early Japan: Feudalism
Samurai - Emperor - Isolation
World War II
Adolf Hitler - Holocaust - Manhattan Project - Pearl Harbor - Kamikaze - Churchill
The Mongols
Genghis Khan - Golden Horde - Legacy
The Cold War
Detente - Domino Theory - Korean War
Global Trade
Portugal - Italian City-States
The United Nations
Establishment - Structure - Goals - Purpose - Leadership
African Civilizations
Gold - Salt - Native Religions - Culture - Arab Traders
Postwar Economic Issues
Marshall Plan - Green Revolution
The Plague
Bubonic Plague - Black Death - Population Decline - Aftermath
Revolution in China
Mao Zedong - Cultural Revolution - Taiwan
The Renaissance
Da Vinci - Michelangelo - Rebirth of Learning - Vernacular Writing - Printing Press
Collapse of Imperialism
Vietnam War - Independence in Africa - British Commonwealth
Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther - Catholic Counter Reformation - Calvinism - Predestination - Henry VIII
Conflict in the Middle East
Establishment of Israel - Oil - Arab-Israeli War - Ayatollah Khomeini - Saddam Hussein
Rise of Nation-States
Elizabeth I - Joan of Arc
Collapse of Communism
Soviet Union - Mikhail Gorbachev - Boris Yeltsin - Glasnost - Perestroika - Berlin Wall - Bosnia
China's Ming Dynasty
Culture - Growth - Contributions
Change in Latin America
Juan Peron - Sandinistas - Noriega - Iran-Contra Affair - Drug Cartels
Ottoman Empire
Expansion - Decline - Constantinople
Social-Political Patterns & Change
Ethnic Cleansing - Global Migration - Urbanization
Age of Exploration
Vasco De Gama - Portugal - Spain - Reconquista - Ferdinand and Isabella
Modern Economic Issues
Post-Colonialism - Globalization - World Trade Organization - Growth of Global Corporations - Chinese Power
Mesoamerican Civilizations
Axtec - Inca - Maya - Caribbean
Environment and Sustainability
Climate Change - Chernobyl - Greenhouse Effect - Carbon Emissions - Pollution
Columbian Exchange
Conquest - Disease - Silver and Gold
Science and Technology
Space Race - Internet - Bioengineering - Computer Security - Information Age
Global Absolutism
Absolute Monachy - Louis XIV
English Parliamentary Democracy
Magna Carta - Parliament - Glorious Revolution - Puritan Revolution

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