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Free World History Educational Materials
Free Outlines, PowerPoints, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Maps, and More for World History Teachers and Students
Part I:
Prehistory through the 1700s
Part II:
Scientific Revolution through Today
Early Peoples
Neolithic Revolution
Classical Civilizations
Rise and Fall of Great Empires
Emergence of Belief Systems
Gupta Empire of India
Tang & Song Dynasties of China
Byzantine Empire
Early Russia
Spread of Islam
Medieval Europe
The Crusades
Early Japan: Feudalism
The Mongols
Global Trade
African Civilizations
The Plague
The Renaissance
Protestant Reformation
Rise of Nation-States
China's Ming Dynasty
Ottoman Empire
Age of Exploration
Mesoamerican Civilizations
Columbian Exchange
Global Absolutism
English Parliamentary Democracy
Scientific Revolution
The Enlightenment
Political Revolutions
The Age of Reaction
Independent Latin America
Global Nationalism
Industrial Revolution
Meiji Restoration in Japan
World War I
Russian Revolution
Between the World Wars
World War II
The Cold War
The United Nations
Postwar Economic Issues
Revolution in China
Collapse of Imperialism
Conflict in the Middle East
Collapse of Communism
Change in Latin America
Social-Political Patterns & Change
Modern Economic Issues
Environment and Sustainability
Science and Technology
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